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Nepal is a land locked country with poor economy. With the patriarchal system of society from ancient times the women condition over here is far more miserable than men’s. Almost in every sector women have been socially exploited and subordinated. The condition is even worse in rural areas where witch pronunciations, child marriage, women/girl abuse, violence upon women are common. The average life expectancy of women is lower than men. For women has to do very hard domestic works for longer hours in comparison to men. The ratio and gender balance is not equal in offices which also include the government office. Women are not in good/decision making positions even if they are employed. Though the scenario is changing in town areas the speed is too slow and in rural areas god knows when it will start.
Tourism sector is not an exception in this case. Very few women are in this sector and I am one of those countable. As a woman I feel sorry for my sisters and mothers. I wish I had a magic wand so that I could swing to change the situation in no time. But facts cannot be intertwined with fairy tales and social change is not like, one morning you get up and switch off the bulb in your room because it’s useless now. It takes a lot of time and patience with equal efforts. At times I contemplate and am happy with my self that I am putting a brick from my side to make a great wall of equality.I have been giving priority to ladies guide for two reasons one so that they can stand on their own and another since tourism is a sector with a great economic boom they can chase and find greater opportunities in this sector. My visions are clear about women and that is “opportunity and equality” and for this I choose the economic perspective. For hundreds of years women here have been dependent on men for every thing and now such is the condition that they psychologically feel they are a subject to male subordination. I am not a feminist but a believer of equality. Human beings are born equal naturally and they should be treated equal, given equal opportunities and grounds. Also do I respect for effort and efficiency. I am committed to do this at my level best and I believe that if every one start at their level, change will definitely come one day. And that day will come soon for sure. Come join me if you really feel that I am doing right. Its not that I am simply making money for me and my family only, simultaneously I am sharing it with my fellow sisters and mothers to help them stand independent.


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