Paragliding In Nepal

Awe-inspiring Nepal is nestled between India (North) and Tibet (South). The best area to fly is the Pokhara Valley, in the Annapurna Region. 
Pokhara, the 2nd largest city, sits beside its beautiful lake and stares at the towering mountains above, of which 3 peaks reach over 8000m. The weather conditions are perfect for flying, consistent and gentle. The view is awesome, few meters above the take-off you can see the Annapurnas, Machapuchare, Daulaghiri, Manaslu and many others smaller pics! Perfect weather conditions for beginners to accro pilot. Here we fly almost every day, except during the mooson season (Jully to august).
Main equipment
– hiking shoes
– long trousers
– gloves
– sunglasses
– few T-shirts 
– sweater
– a fleece jacket or a wind stoper jacket
– swiming costume (the Pewa lake in Pokhara is warm and clear and you’ll enjoy a deep between flights!) 
For expeditions and cross country courses 
– a sleeping bag
– a frontal lamp or an electric torch
– a down jacket
All the above items can be purchased in Pokhara or Kathmandu at a good price. Most of the equipment you will find will be fake but the quality will be still good enough.

Please suggest with your comments, thanks Anu Treks International P. Ltd.

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