Bardia National Park

This is the second jungle park in Nepal when it comes to both visitors and bird watching. While Sauraha in Chitwan sometimes is quite crowded, much less people make it out here. The birding is quite good as well. Bengal florican and even lesser florican might be seen if you are very lucky. Close to the Karnali river its fairly easy to see great thick-knees. A few hours west of Thakurdwara there is a damp forest where silver-eared mesia is quite common. In Thakurdwara you have a good choise of budget accommodation.

Krishna Sar is of the beaten track for most birders and tourist, tough its fairly close to both Barida and the towns of Nepalganj and Gularia. The area is quite small and consists of open grasslands reminiscent of a savannah. The last herd of nepali blackbucks, a graceful antilope, is very easy to see. Just a few years back, in early spring, there was at least one pair of indian coursers here. Yellow wattled lapwing, bay-backed shrike, pied harrier and lesser spotted eagles (breeding?) are other specialties. Imperial eagle and Hodgson´s bush chat is also observed. Not far from Krishna Sar, towards Nepalganj but a few kilometers away from the highway, is Bardiya Tal. Few birders has visited this man made fish pond which at least during winter and migration holds an amazing array of wetland birds. Comb duck, feruginous duck, red-crested pochard, painted stork, spoonbill, saurus crane, short-toed eagle, lesser spotted eagle and marsh sandpiper are a few of the species which can be seen here. Rufous tailed-shrike is also observed.


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