Rara National Park

Rara National Park abound by coniferous forests a smallest National park, which covers an area of 160sq. kms. It lies in the northwest of Kathmandu nearly 370 kms far. The park ascends from 1800m – 4080 meters. Most of the park lies at an altitude of about 3,000 meters. Alpine and sub alpine ecosystems of Himalaya are its major inhabitants. The biggest lake of Nepal the Rara Lake stands at an altitude of 2,990 meters in the park. The Lake is hebetated by snow trout fish and it is surrounded by hills richly forested by blue pine, black juniper, west Himalayan spruce, oak, Himalayan cypress, Indian horse – chestnut, walnut and Himalayan poplar, chuchemara (4,087m), Ruma Kand (3,731m) and Malika Kand (3731m) are the summits situated at the northern side of the park. It is an ideal habitat for the musk deer, red panda, black deer, yellow throat martin, ghoral, serow, leopard, wild Boar himalayan thar. Wild fowl like teals, pochards and mallards are seen migrating while birds like impeyan, kalij & blood pheasant & chukker partridge are found inhabiting the park.


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