Tibet Tour

21 Days Lhasa, Kailash and Guge Kingdom

7 fixed departures for year 2012:
17 April, 15 May, 19 June, 17 July
Hidden away behind India, Nepal and the majestic Himalayas, lies the highest and largest plateau on earth, the ancient land of Tibet, often referred to as, the roof of the world. Touring Tibet, meeting it’s people, its animals, learning about its culture, being in the middle of it’s breathtaking scenery, riding your bike, or trekking up to the Mt. Everest Base camp, makes it one of the most exciting experiences you could ever have.. We have 18 years of experience helping outsiders tour this wonderful place, by biking, by trekking, by van, by bus ,. mountaineering, etc. We want to put you into the middle of one of the natural wonders of the world. Enjoy Tibet tour here!
01 August, 18 September, 02 October 
This trip gives you a wonderful opportunity to visit picturesque Lhasa, legendry monasteries and fortress of Gyantse and Shigatse. A visit to mystic Guge Kingdom in far western Tibet via northern route and trek around Mt. Kailash and returning via southern route are the major highlights of this trip.
Day 01 Fly Kathmandu-Lhasa and transfer to Hotel
Day 02 Sightseeing Lhasa
Day 03 Sightseeing Lhasa
Day 04 Drive Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse with sightseeing Gyantse
Day 05 Sightseeing Shigatse & drive to Latse
Day 06 Drive to Daoban
Day 07 Drive to Tsochen
Day 08 Drive to Gertse
Day 09 Drive to Gakyi
Day 10 Drive to Shiquanhe
Day 11 Drive to Tsada [Guge]
Day 12 Excursions Kingdom Guge
Day 13 Drive to Darchen
Day 14 Kora [trek]
Day 15 Kora [trek]
Day 16 Kora [trek]; arrive Darchen
Day 17 Drive to Manasarovar Lake
Day 18 Drive to Paryang
Day 19 Drive to Saga
Day 20 Drive to Zhangmu
Day 21 Drive to Kathmandu

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