Would you like to do volunteer work in Nepal during your holidays?

After your trip to Nepal or before you start, you have the opportunity to do volunteer around Nepal during your stay, our placement includes volunteer at Orphan Home, Teaching in School, Teaching English, Elective Medical Volunteer,Environment awareness and local community and many more. You can stay in Home Stay during your volunteer where you can have local life experience in different regional area of Nepal.

Those who want to discover something new and are willing to share his or her knowledge and experience can plan a volunteer tour to Nepal with us. Volunteering provides great options to its volunteers and interns where you can combine your volunteering trip along with travel on the weekends

An effort, as small as spending time helping others, can go a long way in bringing change in lives of many. The sheer feeling of accomplishment or joy that you get by lending a helping hand to people and organizations can be quite overwhelming.

With us the opportunities in Nepal can include Teaching in School, Work in the community, Orphanage Home, Hospitals, in the Farm (Planting and Harvesting) and many more. No matter your interest or career path, we have a wide range of volunteer opportunity in Nepal. To volunteer in Nepal means an experience like no other. The diverse cultures, incredible landscapes and friendly people means our volunteers in Nepal often describe their experience as life-changing, and many have taken the decision to return to volunteer in Nepal on more than once occasion.

We invite individuals, couples, groups, families and students to make contribution and bring changes.

Come and be a part of the experience! You can make a difference.

Volunteering Plans on:

  • Teaching English in School
  • Childcare Volunteer
  • Orphanage Home
  • Health Care

Please suggest with your comments, thanks Anu Treks International P. Ltd.

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