Wildlife Safari

Owing of the geographic situation and historic conditions, wildlife is still at its best in Nepal.

When you think of Nepal, you think of The Mountains. Yet, just as adventurous are the dense green jungles of the plain. The southern lowland known as the Terai is covered with a jungle teeming with diverse wildlife. Here you will find some best safari destinations in the world.

Nepal provides sanctuary to over 30 species of large, wild, charismatic mega- fauna and approximately 180 species of mammals, not counting humans. The rhinoceros, tiger, crocodiles, leopard, red panda, Himalayan black bear, and many other beasts are found in the Terai. Nepal is also a bird watcher’s paradise, over 800 species, representing an approximately 8 % of the world’s population are found here. Nepal has nearly as many birds’ species as all of the North America.


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